Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Me and Sharon

We're on Bourbon street...post-wedding New Orleans party.

The UIUC folks

Anthony dancing

The invisible man...

Sharon dancing


Marcus and Sharon

John and Sharon

Look! I can step too!

Me and John dancing

Alia and me

The dance

The reception room

Another picture of "the kiss"

His cake

Her cake

Jumping over the broom

The kiss

Just married

Anthony, trying to hold back tears

Anthony and the in-laws

This would have been a good photo if the photographer hadn't decided to walk in front...

Sharon's mom and brother-in-law

Sharon and her dad

Vj--the ring bearer.

At the altar

Anthony, Mr. Bowling, and Sharon

Sharon and her parents

Flower girl

Oops. That's my finger over her father's head.




Waiting and anticipating...

John and Marcus

John, Marcus, and Sharon

Me and Sharon on the morning of her wedding.

I'm still trying to figure this blog stuff out. I don't know why, but I'm having some problems posting pictures...Vamos a ver.